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Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016
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Without Glue Melamine Edge Bandings 

* 100 different design in stocks* Product special colour and design in minimum 1000 m2 order.

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Preglued Melamine Edge Bandings 

• 100 different design in stocks • Product special colour and design in minimum 1000 m2 order.

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Fleeced Spliced Veneers 

• Fleece on the backside of the veneer turns normal spliced veneers into flexible and strong new fleeced veneer from Hun Kaplama.

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Cross Grain Veneer Edge Bandings 

• Cross Grain Edge Bandings of Hun Kaplama from the usual patterned wood edge bands (parallel) as an alternative to tape edge products designed to easily provide benefits to new and different. This edges will move to different dimensions of the your products .

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Superthick Veneer Edge Bandings 

• Superthick ( Multi – layered ) veneer edgebandings in continuous rolls has been produced by Hun Kaplama since 2004. Superthick veneers in multiple layers is glued together by high capacity presses up to 3 mm in thickness .

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Profile Wrapping and Soft-Forming Veneers 

• Hun Kaplama wrapping grade and softforming veneers with special backing enforcements and customized sanding allow the processing of complicated profiles and smallest radius.• Our products are manufactured in close cooperation with our customers

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Fleece Backed Veneer Edge Bandings 

Natural veneer edgings in strip from that are supported by a fleece backing are more durable , more flexible and can be moulded to shapes more easily .

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Pre-Glued Veneer Edge Bandings 

Wood veneer edgings can be supplied pre-glued with hot melt adhesive for hot air reactivation at the edgebander.The machinery we us efor pre-gluing edging materials is fast and sophisticated , guaranteeding a fine ,even glue line and an extremely economically priced product fort he smaller shop floor or for use by craftsman fitters on site.

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Raw Veneer Edge Bandings 

• Raw veneers are based on bookmatching and finger jointing of veneers to length in order to build up a master coil for width cutting ,or slitting,on fast running machines. The resulting material at a final thickness of approximately 0.6 mm can be width cut to customer requirements and is used mainly as edgings and profiles used in civil construction .

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